People join CaNOE for a lot of reasons; one of the most popular is to meet like-minded ocean literacy advocates. Some of us are formal educators, some are informal, and some of us just want to be part of the effort to inspire and share a love of the ocean and to promote everyday personal actions that we can take to show that love. 

Interested in being featured on the CaNOE Members page? Send us a short bio (100-125 words) and we will post it. We’ll also choose one member each month to “spotlight” as part of our monthly SPLASHmail newsletter (with their permission)! Not interested in sharing your info? No problem – we won’t be posting anything that hasn’t been sent to us specifically for that purpose. We’d love to get a photo as well (especially if it shows you doing something “oceany”!). 

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Elaine Leung

Dr. Elaine Leung’s first real job after high school was studying sea lions. She fell in love with marine biology and never looked back. Fifteen years later, her research has taken her to some of the most remote places in the world, including Antarctica, Alaska, Hawaii, NZ, and all over BC. Dr. Leung’s research focused on reducing impacts to threatened species. She created Sea Smart to share her knowledge and passion for our oceans with youth; inspiring hope in youth that they can make a positive difference with environmental problems. Sea Smart’s mission is to get youth excited about our oceans and empower them to be environmental champions. Based in Vancouver, Sea Smart’s school workshops, after school programs, and summer camps teach youth about ocean issues and get them brainstorming solutions. Check out for more info.

Rob Keith

I’m a school administrator in Calgary, Alberta invested in taking students on Ocean Learning adventures in the Salish Sea for 20+ years, primarily with SEA Programs Inc..  I’m also a Cruise and Learn sailing instructor in my spare time with Island Cruising in Sidney BC.  As a  lifelong sailor, I’m passionate about Ocean Education; I truly enjoy introducing young people to marine science and ecology.