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Membership (New Working Group)

Our new membership working group will examine the current and future structure of CaNOE membership, including categories, membership fees, and benefits. They will also look for new ways to connect members and ways to promote membership in the organization. This working group will also investigate opportunities for regional chapters (hey, it’s a big country!).

Education and Outreach (New Working Group)

The new education and outreach working group will work closely with the communications working group, but will focus on finding and distributing educational opportunities and building a database of ocean science resources for both formal and informal ocean educators.

International Efforts and Activities (New Working Group)

There are many organizations around the world doing good work in ocean literacy, and we want to spread their news, build on their successes, and share our own experiences with a global audience. This working group will focus on building and maintaining relationships with global ocean literacy groups and sharing their resources with our membership.

The Communications WG will build upon CaNOE’s successful social media platforms, and will continue to create and distribute the monthly SPLASHmail newsletter. This year, the group also plans to create an overarching communications strategy and increase traffic on the CaNOE website.

Finances and Fundraising
How are we going to ‘pay the bills’? What are funding strategies that work well for a national network? This group focuses on keeping CaNOE’s finances in check and seeks grant opportunities to move forward.

Governance & Strategic Planning
After a great deal of success with developing governance documents, this WG will now turn to overseeing CaNOE’s governance, including bylaw compliance and review, the BC Societies Act, Board elections, and internal matters. In 2016, the Strategic Planning WG developed a Strategic Plan to guide CaNOE. The focus of this WG is also to develop short-term goals and annual work plans based on our long-term goals.

Conference Planning
Our upcoming conference is CaNOE’s National Symposium: Navigating Ocean Literacy in St. John’s, Newfoundland, July 13-15, 2018. This WG is currently planning and scheduling this symposium including promotions, fundraising, registration and finance and budget teams! Learn more about it here.