CaNOE National Symposium 2018

July 13-15, 2018

Marine Institute of Memorial University

St. John’s, Newfoundland

Be a part of the development of a uniquely Canadian perspective on Ocean Literacy!


The symposium was a great success!


A group photo of the last conference stragglers who stayed to admire Jennifer MacLatchy’s artwork. Photo credit: Christy Wilson.



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Session 1 Presentations: Ocean Literacy and Culture

  1. Eastern Arctic conservation areas: a music video – Alastair O’Rielly
  2. The Sedna epic expedition: bringing ocean to eye level for Inuit in the Canadian Arctic – Susan Eaton
  3. New Ocean Ethic – Gordon Slade
  4. Using heritage fishing as the hook to engage youth and community in ocean literacy – Kimberly Orren
  5. The Ocean Sense and Youth Ambassador programs: fostering ocean literacy in local communities – Maia Hoeberechts

Session 2 Presentations: Ocean Literacy and Education and Communication

  1. MakerSpace Learning Commons – Shawn Pendergast
  2. You must teach ocean literacy, even if you live in the prairies – Karen Smith
  3. Introducing ocean literacy programs into K-12 schools: characteristics of successful programs – Patrick Wells
  4. Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium off season education pilot program Success – Samantha Green
  5. Ocean School: a digital portal to the ocean – Lucija Prelovec
  6. How did a baby lobster manage to educate the public? – Dounia Daoud

Session 3 Presentations: Ocean Literacy and Science and Technology

  1. Marine renewable energy, its terminology and technology – Paul Ryan
  2. The importance of understanding, detecting, and controlling corrosion under insulation when operating in harsh marine environments – Susan Caines
  3. Ocean Networks Canada: bring you the Internet-connected ocean – Maia Hoeberechts
  4. Fostering ocean literacy using atlases and story maps: case studies from Sydney Harbour, NS – Andrew Sherin
  5. Integrating ocean science and technology into K-12 education through fellowships and field placements for pre-service teachers – Dave Tipton
  6. Getting into the GROOVE with technology for ocean literacy – Monika Pelz

Session 4 Presentations: Ocean Literacy and Stewardship and Advocacy

  1. The Atlantic: a shared ocean – Paula Keener
  2. Ocean Bridge: connecting Canadian youth through ocean service – Kareina D’Souza
  3. Ocean aware: is it a challenge? – Monika Pelz
  4. The sea turtle beach patrol: engaging coastal communities in citizen science – Kayla Hamelin
  5. Bringing ocean literacy into the hands of landlocked Canadians – Holly Neate

Poster Presentations

Ocean as Pedagogy: Fostering reconciliation through a culturally appropriate Canadian perspective – Mirjam Wirz-Held

Stream to Sea – Christy Wilson

What is an  inquiry-based ocean lesson and why do we need to know? – Patrick Wells

Re-imagining Atlantic Harbours for 2050 – Kelly Shnare

Symposium Workshops

What is Canadian Ocean Literacy Report

World Oceans Day Workshop Findings Report

facilitated by Carol Amaratunga, Alexandra Vance and Monica Phung



Thank you to our keynote speakers who set the stage for a very productive gathering and workshops


Wendy Watson-Wright

Wendy’s Bio


Lisa (Diz) GLithero

Lisa’s Bio



Ocean Literacy Art Exhibit

PC: Holly Neate

Weaving a wave of change with Jennifer MacLatchy marine debris inspired artist from Nova Scotia

A portion of CaNOE’s Board of Directors for 2018-2020. Photo credit: Christy Wilson.

AGM was held during the symposium and a new board was voted in for the new term


 Many thanks to our partners and sponsors


Thanks to Kat Middleton for designing our symposium logo