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Holly Neate – Executive, Co-chair, Board Member 2018-2022, British Columbia

Holly Neate was born and raised on the west coast of BC and has always had a strong passion for the ocean and all of its mystery and diversity. Her academic and professional career has taken her across the country with a focus on outreach education in the ocean conservation field. Her work with the non-profit organizations World Fisheries Trust and Ocean Wise Conservation Association have highlighted the importance of including ocean literacy in classroom and outdoor learning and she is keen to continue this journey with CaNOE. Holly has been a member of CaNOE since 2016 and has been involved in two annual symposiums as well as local member recruitment in BC. She is looking forward to connecting with Canadians from coast to coast to coast about ocean literacy!

Kiley Best – Executive, Co-chair, Board Member 2016-2022, Newfoundland & Labrador

Kiley Best is involved in education and outreach through her full time work with the Center for Fisheries Ecosystems Research and OceanNET at Marine Institute, aquatic invasive species research and the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium board of directors Vice Chair. Fisheries research through family events and graduate student recruitment, Invasive species education in high school curriculum field labs, and encouraging ocean investment and conservation through action at the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium. Kiley is involved in all aspects of coordinating, designing, fundraising and executing these initiatives. She looks forward to being involved with CaNOE to help achieve its goals.

Kayla-Marie Kulczycki – Executive, Secretary, Board Member 2019-2022, British Columbia

Kayla-Marie Kulczycki is a recent graduate from the University of Victoria where she completed a double major in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. This summer, she had the opportunity to work for CaNOE as a summer student and now wishes to continue by joining the board. Kayla-Marie is interested in sustainable development policy, particularly surrounding coastal societies and ocean resources. She is also passionate about environmental education and has experience working in a teaching capacity across the Greater Victoria area, delivering programs through World Fisheries Trust’s Seaquaria Ocean Education program. She looks forward to growing and working with CaNOE to promote ocean literacy across Canada.

Sarah Board – Executive, Treasurer, Board Member 2019-2022, British Columbia

Sarah lives in Victoria and is currently working as an ECCE for the University of Victoria. Her love for the ocean began as a child on the beaches of Qualicum. Her parents tell her that it was difficult to pry her away. This wonder and curiosity lead her to pursue a biology degree at the University of Victoria. Her interest in ocean education was sparked at The Dolphin Institute in Oahu, HI. Her skills grew and flourished through positions at the Dolphin Research Center (FL), Seachange Society, The Gorge Waterway Nature House, Vancouver Aquarium, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, Ocean Networks Canada and the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea. Sarah was a co-chair for the BC Chapter of the Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators Association (NAME) and although she hasn’t been a treasurer, she is up to the challenge.  She truly values ocean literacy and tries to incorporate it whenever she can. 

Lucija Prelovec- Director at Large, Board Member 2018-2022, Nova Scotia

Lucija is currently a Science Producer and Communication Specialist with Ocean School in Nova Scotia. She has a background in marine biology and science communication. Her previous experience in various informal education institutions has helped fuel her passion in marine science communication and advancing ocean literacy in Canada. She has been involved with CaNOE since the 2016 Ocean Literacy Conference and has been co-chairing the Communications Working Group this past year. She looks forward to continuing steering CaNOE and bringing it up to the level of its international equivalents.

Maia Hoeberechts- Director at Large, Board Member 2018-2022, British Columbia

Dr. Maia Hoeberechts is the Associate Director, Learning and Community Engagement at Ocean Networks Canada (ONC). She and her team lead ONC’s organizational commitment to meaningful, ongoing engagement of Indigenous communities; develop formal and informal ocean learning opportunities for youth and adults; and conduct community-based research, citizen science, and community-based monitoring programs. Her work brings her to small coastal communities in British Columbia, Nunavut, and other regions of Canada. Maia is passionate about science outreach and has been involved in programs targeted to researchers, students, children, members of the general public, and increasing involvement of underrepresented groups in science and engineering. She is currently the Women in Engineering Chair for the IEEE Victoria Section. Maia holds a PhD in Computer Science in the area of computability theory and a BSc in Philosophy and Computer Science from Western University. In her spare time, she enjoys scuba diving, travel, reading, organic gardening, and any activity which allows her to play with robots.

Lyne Morissette- Director at Large, Board Member 2018-2022, Quebec

Lyne Morissette, PhD, is a conservation biologist and marine mammal researcher with a long record of accomplishments and research collaboration all around the world. She has a world-renown expertise in marine mammal ecology, conservation, and biodiversity and has published her work in the most prestigious journals such as Science. She has traveled the world to pursue her research and she’s actively involved in Canada but also in the Caribbean, Africa, Scandinavia, and beyond. She is also the host of different TV shows, radio shows, podcasts and education and ocean literacy programs in schools in Québec and other countries. In 2017, she was one of the chief scientist of Canada C3 expedition and was involved in ocean education and scientific popularization. She is an advocate for processes and projects where research, conservation, and education can serve to protect the oceans for future generations.

Patrick Wells- Director at Large, Board Member 2018-2022, Newfoundland & Labrador

As a fisher, guide, and teacher of over 25 years, I represent a wide variety of perspectives about our oceans. I have a significant amount formal and informal instruction experience focused on activity-based learning in aquatic habitats. I have a genuine concern for our changing ocean and have a strong desire to improve citizen ocean literacy. I am interested in the study of ocean literacy, and as part of a local research project, I am encouraging teachers to adopt a “sustainability stance” towards our oceans. In the context of the literacy groups of NMEA and CaNOE, I have developed a keen interest in measuring ocean literacy. It is my personal goal to find or develop teacher resources that enable teachers to increase the ocean literacy of their students and grow a grassroots movement within teacher associations towards the 7 principles of Ocean Literacy. I would like to work for CaNOE as a director at large and expand my support for the education and outreach committee. Thank you, Pat (Ph.D. Student, Science Department Head – Holy Spirit High School, Fishing Guide, CBS, NL, Canada).

Mirjam Held- Director at Large, Board Member 2019-2022, Nova Scotia

Mirjam is currently a student in the Interdisciplinary PhD Program at Dalhousie University investigating how the Inuit knowledge system can enhance the current decision-making regime in Nunavut fisheries management. Her research areas include co-management, Indigenous and western worldviews, decolonization and policy learning. In addition to her science background (geography, marine biology) she is also a trained and experienced math and science teacher (mainly secondary/high school). Most recently, she enjoys teaching German to adult learners at Dalhousie University. She is excited at the prospect of using her teaching skills and experience to advance ocean literacy through the work of CaNOE.

Mary Alliston Butt- Director at Large, Board Member 2019-2022, Newfoundland & Labrador

Mary Alliston Butt has always had a passion for the environment, and a special interest in the ocean. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology and Conservation Biology from Memorial University of Newfoundland and her Masters of Resource Management from the University of the Westfjords, Iceland. Currently, she is the Marine Coordinator with Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter where she focuses on localized to National campaigns surrounding ocean protection. Ocean literacy has a large role in her current position, and she has experience in public education in previous jobs such as an Environmental Educator at the Fluvarium and an Aquarium and Kayak Guide at the Bonne Bay Marine Station. She has worked in ENGOs for 4 years. Mary Alliston wishes to share her education and work experiences, and grow with CaNOE in advancing ocean literacy in Canada, as a Director at Large.

Emilie Novaczek – Director at Large, Board Member 2019-2022, Newfoundland & Labrador

Emilie Novaczek is a marine spatial ecologist with a focus on seafloor mapping to support efficient and effective conservation planning. Emilie is also a passionate science communicator, most recently as a scientific diver and volunteer interpreter for the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium, a research mentor for the Oceans Learning Partnership, and an instructor with Memorial University’s Department of Geography. Emilie also has teaching experience in K-12 science enrichment, including four years of development and delivery of hands-on science workshops for all grade levels. Emilie looks forward to joining the incredible team at CaNOE to promote ocean literacy across Canada.

Audrie-Jo McConkey – Director at Large, Board Member 2019-2022, Nova Scotia

Audrie-Jo is a senior instructor at Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture. She currently instructs the courses in fish physiology, fish nutrition, fish production, fish health; and has developed components within the courses aquatic ecology and shellfish production. She has been in this role for 15 years; previous employment included fisheries observer, fish hatchery technician and working for the salmon association. She developed an Aquaculture Student Society on campus and would like opportunities to engage the students in ocean-related activities. She is also a scout leader and enjoys educating our youth on the value of our ocean. Growing up in a commercial fishing family, she hopes to pass along the value of the ocean to other generations; something that she is grateful that has been passed along to her.

Warren Lake- Director at Large, Board Member 2020-2022, Alberta

Warren Lake is a born and raised Calgarian who considers himself to be a Biology teacher always in transition: he is searching for ways to reconnect high school teenagers to the natural world.  Warren Lake continues to take students to Bamfield every 2 years and has now established a trip to Kluane Lake in the Yukon with the Arctic Institute of North America to highlight northern science and adventure travel. The journey to shine a light on unique and important ecosystems will continue to be a challenge that shifts and flows with the topics that abound in environmental education and in the need to build a greater sense of nature literacy in high school students. 

Bryan Martin – Director at Large, Board Member 2020- 2022, Newfoundland and Labrador

Bryan Martin grew up near the Bay of Chaleur in northern New Brunswick and, despite living, studying, or working in all four of the Atlantic Provinces, has never strayed far from the ocean. Having little kids near the ocean prompted Bryan to get involved with the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium, which is where his adventure with ocean education began.  His education and work experiences have taught him about ecology, geomorphology, and ocean systems. Bryan currently works as the Clocean Engager with the Maritime Aboriginal Peoples Council, shedding light on emerging ocean topics within the community of off-reserve Aboriginal People in the Maritimes. Bryan currently lives within a stone’s throw from the ocean in PEI with his wife, two young girls, and “little” black dog.

Ruby Banwait- Director at Large, Board Member 2019-2022, British Columbia

A champion of ocean conservation, Senior Aquarium Biologist, Ruby Banwait, explores many aquatic environments from the Salish Sea to the Arctic Ocean. A Royal Canadian Geographical Society Fellow, she helped launch the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium in Newfoundland, Canada, a seasonal, capture-and-release, educational facility. Ruby’s desire to restore abundance in our oceans motivates her to connect people to the sea.