Kiley Best
Kiley BestExecutive, Co-Chair, Board Member 2016-2022, Newfoundland & Labrador
Kiley Best is involved in education and outreach through her full-time work with the Center for Fisheries Ecosystems Research and OceanNET at Marine Institute, aquatic invasive species research and the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium board of directors Vice Chair. Fisheries research through family events and graduate student recruitment, Invasive species education in high school curriculum field labs, and encouraging ocean investment and conservation through action at the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium. Kiley is involved in all aspects of coordinating, designing, fundraising and executing these initiatives. She looks forward to being involved with CaNOE to help achieve its goals.
Kayla Glynn
Kayla GlynnSecretary
Kayla Glynn is a Master’s student in the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University, researching assessment of environmental claims related to ship-source oil spills, and is currently interning at Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping. Having grown up away from the sea, Kayla understands how many Canadians experience a disconnect from the ocean. However, since completing her BAH degree in coastal studies at the University of Victoria, the ocean has become Kayla’s passion, and her studies and work have aimed at discovering what motivates people to further engage with, and defend, all that the sea has to offer.

Kayla has a keen interest in oceans education and is happiest when sharing her knowledge of the ocean with others. Over the past year, Kayla has helped organize CaNOE’s 2016 Conference, and feels that her background in oceans related academics and teaching blend well with CaNOE’s vision and goals. She is looking forward to gaining board experience and is especially interested in exploring meaningful partnerships between CaNOE and Canada’s coastal Aboriginal communities.

It has been a fantastic experience becoming involved with CaNOE and I look forward to aiding in the organization’s further growth, organization, and advancement of ocean literacy in Canada. I particularly look forward to encouraging others to join and feel the inclusivity and appreciation offered by the network.

Jackie Hildering
Jackie Hildering
Jackie Hildering is based on northern Vancouver Island, BC where she knows individual fish to individual whales. She has a strong educational presence as “The Marine Detective” wanting to make her skills and experiences count for the sake of positive socio-environmental change. As a teacher, curriculum writer, cold water diver, underwater photographer and Humpback Whale researcher, she strives to increase awareness of the life hidden in the cold, dark NE Pacific Ocean. She is the co-founder of the Marine Education and Research Society and the 2010 winner of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Murray A. Newman Award for Excellence in Aquatic Conservation. As a CaNOE board member she wishes to contribute by sharing insights about approaches in education that can best achieve Ocean Literacy and positive action for our life-sustaining seas – ensuring an approach where common denominators to environmental problems and solutions are identified to avoid eco-phobia and eco-paralysis.
Sonya Lee
Sonya Lee
Sonya Lee is a Science Educator at the Discovery Centre, a science centre in Halifax, NS. She delivers hands-on curriculum-based science workshops to students in Grades P-12 all around Nova Scotia. She focuses on developing ocean education programming in the galleries, for school workshops and organizes ocean-based events at the Centre. She is also a frequent guest science communicator on CTV Morning Live Atlantic and previously had a radio segment called “Hit Me With Some Science” on CBC Mainstreet. She also writes for the Family Matters column in the Chronicle Herald and a blog called Urban Parent to make science accessible to parents with young children.

She is originally from British Columbia where her passion for oceans developed from watching Pacific salmon runs and volunteering at a local salmon hatchery when she was younger. She has a B.Sc. in Marine Biology and International Development Studies from Dalhousie University, and is interested in how ocean literacy can help with food security issues around the world.

This is her second year on the Board of Directors. In 2015-2016, she co-chaired the Conference Organizing Working Group to organize the 2nd CaNOE Ocean Literacy Conference in Halifax. This year, she hopes to use her experience in hands-on education to help steer an Education Working Group for CaNOE.

Kat Middleton
Kat Middleton
Kat Middleton is a science communicator with the Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Study for the North of Ontario at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. Kat is a marine scientist who has studied and worked in aquatic and ocean conservation over the last decade. She has experience working with several not-for-profits in Canada on issues such as marine planning, ocean policy, killer whale conservation, fisheries management and sustainable seafood. She is currently the co-chair of the communications working group and a member of the strategic planning working group with CaNOE.
Heather Murray
Heather MurrayCo-Chair
Heather is a facilitator and project assistant with WildBC in Victoria, where she helps connect teachers and their students to the natural world through workshops and outdoor learning experiences. Heather grew up playing in the red mud of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. She studied chemistry at Mt Allison and education at UNB, with a healthy dose of theatre on the side. Heather eventually found her way to Vancouver, where she helped introduce the Destination Conservation energy, water and waste program to BC schools and served on the Recycling Council of BC.

Having married into a sailing family, Heather looks forward to summers gunkholing around the spectacular south coast of BC and nurturing a love for the ocean and desire to understand and protect it. As a founding member of CaNOE, she has been thrilled to help launch a national ocean literacy initiative and looks forward to contributing her passion and practical experience over the next year as a co-chair.

Sheldon Peddle
Sheldon Peddle
Sheldon Peddle was born and raised in Corner Brook, NL. Post-secondary studies took him to York University (Environmental Studies) and the Coady International Institute (Resource Management).

As Executive Director of ACAP Humber Arm, a community based organization focused on aquatic issues, Sheldon plays lead role in setting strategic direction, oversees research and education initiatives, and manages partner and media relations. Sheldon is a steering committee member, working to establish an Ocean Educator’s network within Newfoundland and Labrador.

Sheldon served as Chair of the Corner Brook Stream Development Corporation for 16 years, overseeing its growth from a small volunteer organization to a major force in green space development. He’s served as founding chair of NL Envirothon; Chair of Model Forest of NL; Chair of Provincial Household Hazardous Waste Committee; Director of Multi Material Stewardship Board; Co-chair of Corner Brook Sewage Treatment Committee, and Chair of Environmental Services – Canada Winter Games Corporation.

Sheldon’s interests extend beyond environmental causes. He is: Trustee – Western Regional Health Authority; President – Greater Corner Brook Board of Trade; Director – Regional Airport Authority, and; Founding Co-Chair, Corner Brook Citizen Crime Prevention Committee

Sheldon is the recipient of: Corner Brook Citizen of the Year; Chief of Police Service to Community Award; Top 40 Under 40; Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Leader Award; Newfoundland and Labrador Youth of the Year, and; Corner Brook Environmental Leader Award.

As a member of CaNOE’s Board of Directors Sheldon brings 20+ years management experience in the non-profit sector; a strong background in communications, governance, and community engagement.

Lucija Prelovec
Lucija PrelovecExecutive, Communications, Board Member 2018-2023, Nova Scotia
Lucija is currently a Communication Specialist with DeepSense in Nova Scotia. She has a background in marine biology and science communication. Her previous experience in various informal education institutions has helped fuel her passion in marine science communication and advancing ocean literacy in Canada. In 2020, she became an Ocean Bridge Ambassador and had the opportunity to meet so many youth passionate about ocean conservation. She has been involved with CaNOE since the 2016 Ocean Literacy Conference and has been chairing the Communications Working Group. She looks forward to continuing steering CaNOE and bringing it up to the level of its international equivalents.
Maggie Romuld
Maggie Romuld
Maggie has degrees in Biogeography and is registered as a Professional Biologist in both Alberta and British Columbia. Maggie’s primary research interests are riverside habitats and the impact of dams on river ecology, and her work with Alberta Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) focused on project management and outreach and education. This then led to more permanent work with integrated resource management and stakeholder engagement. She has taught a variety of social, regional and physical geography courses, as well as conservation and other biology courses at colleges and universities in Alberta and British Columbia.

Maggie has recently relocated to the East Kootenays and is the middle of a career pivot, trying to combine her love of writing and editing with a strong desire to engage people with science and nature. A member of the first Board of Directors and the Communications Working Group, Maggie will continue working on the monthly SPLASHmail newsletter. She is also looking forward to furthering the work of the first board on improving ocean literacy in landlocked provinces, and initiating a discussion of “Rivers to Oceans” under the broader topic of ocean literacy.

Andrew Sherin
Andrew SherinTreasurer
Since January 2011, Director of the Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee Secretariat. Natural Resources Canada at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography for 35 years in various capacities.
A member of the BIO Oceans Association and editor of the their newsletter. A member of the Geomatics Association of Nova Scotia and a past board member, treasurer, and president. A member of the international science committee of the CoastGIS symposia series. A member of International Coastal Atlas Network Steering Group and edit the ICAN newsletter. Owner of a property 300 m from a quickly eroding coastal line. Father of three daughters and two granddaughters that love the ocean side. I bring to the Board a passion for the health of the ocean and evidence based decision making for ocean management, 35 plus years as a professional in ocean science, linkages to other ocean related networks, and experience as a Board member and reporting to a Board.

The lack of knowledge about the oceans in the general public and amongst decision makers is a significant impediment to effective management of human activities that contribute to negative impacts on ocean health and marine ecosystems.

Anne Stewart
Anne StewartCo-Chair
Anne Stewart, a founding CaNOE director, continues to pull hard for CaNOE’s goals nationally and internationally. Currently Anne participates in several CaNOE committees including governance, strategic planning, communications, finance and international. Anne is ocean literacy co-chair on the Canadian Galway Marine Working Group and part of the International Advisor’s Group to the EU’s Horizon 2020, Blue Growth, Ocean Literacy project called Sea Change. That project involves 19 countries. Anne is also a coastal community member, based in Bamfield, BC and well known for hands-on work inspiring teachers and students.

Anne is an educator and communicator who believes science literacy requires ocean literacy. Anne promotes ocean literacy through active volunteerism and through her favourite endeavours: Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific, T. Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation, Bluewater Adventures and her own marine education and communication company.

Anne is committed to CaNOE and looks forward to the next leg of the journey. She brings experience, wisdom and contacts that will help chart a passage that is inclusive, collaborative, creative and dynamic.