What is CaNOE and why is it important? CaNOE is a non-profit society that works to advance ocean literacy in Canada. CaNOE is unique in convening Canadians with links to ocean education, research and business communities and this convening power gives strength and opportunities to CaNOE members who ‘pull together’ for a more ocean literate society. Ocean literate citizens understand the ocean’s influence on us, and our influence on the ocean, can communicate about the ocean and make informed decisions regarding the ocean. CaNOE is young and vibrant with purpose, vision and inclusive, welcoming values. Pick up a paddle and join the CaNOE Board!

Eligibility: CaNOE members in good standing are eligible to vote, nominate consenting board candidates and run for positions available on the Board of Directors. The CaNOE Board consists of four executive directors, including the two co-chairs (officially president and vice-president), the treasurer and the secretary. There are currently up to 8 directors at large on the board. Directors are elected for a one-year term and new terms this year begin August 28, 2017.

Commitment: All board positions are volunteer and entail obligations to carry out duties on behalf of the society. The CaNOE Board currently meets by phone/internet on a bi-monthly schedule (6 times per year).  Executive directors meet monthly and co-chairs more frequently. Each director at large is expected to prepare for, participate in and follow-up on actions from bi-monthly board meetings. Directors at large are expected to chair, co-chair or participate in at least one working group as well. Working groups meet on an ad hoc basis, most monthly or bi-monthly.

Skills and experience required: The CaNOE Board would benefit from: fundraising skills and experience, legal and financial skills and experience in the non-profit sector, negotiation skills, experience in board development and governance and teaching experience including adult learners.

Positions Open: All positions (including executive) are open although some board members are willing to stand again.

Process: If you would like to run yourself, or know someone who would be great and is willing, please send a close-up head-shot photo, and a 150-word (max) bio outlining who you are, the position you are interested in, why you want to join the Board, and the experience you would bring to CaNOE, to info@oceanliteracy.ca by July 19, 2017. Voting will be held online during August, as part of the new Annual General Meeting process. 

Results will be announced at the 3rd CaNOE AGM on August 28, 2017 at the Royal British Columbia Museum (RBCM) in Victoria, BC. Thanks to Ocean Networks Canada and RBCM for sponsoring our AGM event, which will provide a wonderful networking opportunity.  More details on the AGM and some potential travel funding to follow.

Questions, comments, suggestions or nominations? Please email info@oceanliteracy.ca . We look forward to hearing from you!