Science at Home by Ingenium

An array of engaging and online resources — perfect for parents, teachers, and students. Browse online educational programs by museum name or by type. Explore new spaces through our virtual tours, or visit digital exhibitions through Ingenium’s partnership with Google Arts & Culture.

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Online Ocean

New compilation of various Ocean Wise resources that can be completed from home consisting of crafts, activities, and live stream events!

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Museums, Science Centres & Aquariums Toolkit

Pollution, climate change, habitat loss, and many other factors related to human activity pose a risk to our water systems and the species that live there. This hands-on toolkit, developed by the Canadian Museum of Nature and Ingenium, promotes the importance of aquatic health throughout Canada.

2023-03-24T16:16:59-02:30March 24, 2023|Comments Off on Museums, Science Centres & Aquariums Toolkit
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