In June 2015, CaNOE hosted the First Ocean Literacy in Canada Conference at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center in British Columbia!

A Keynote address was given by Dr. Boris Wormtitled From ocean science to ocean literacy: a Canadian perspective.

Boris Worm is a marine ecologist and Professor in Marine Conservation Biology at Dalhousie University’s Biology Department at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His research focuses on the interrelations between people and marine biodiversity, and its conservation on a global scale.

He is well known for his studies on the global effects of fishing and climate change on ocean ecosystems. He has published about 85 peer-reviewed papers on these topics, several of which have received international public and media attention. He also has an active interest in communicating ocean science to broader audiences and is a regular columnist on CBC Radio.

Presentations from the 2015 conference include:

Special presentation: Diana Payne, History of ocean literacy in the United States

Jackie HilderingA second chance:  the comeback of humpback whales and the work of the Marine Education and Research Society (MERS)

Mike IrvineUnderwater web cameras as a tool to engage students in the exploration and discovery of ocean literacy

Jennifer ProvencherLinking marine wildlife and human health through a hands-on workshop; successes and challenges over the last 8 years

Wendy SimmsDeveloping the educational components of a citizen science project monitoring the introduced varnish clam (Nuttallia obscurata)

Magali GregoireThe FSRS:  Helping the ocean help us

Chelsie ArchibaldExperiential, boat-based programs as a tool to bring ocean literacy to students and teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador

Sandra ScottSharing our stories: lived experiences of the Salish Sea

Jason HodinEmpowering students to confront climate change and ocean acidification: I2SEA sets sail

Melanie KnightCatalyst for Curiosity – How a mini idea can make massive change

Kate Le SouefCreating change beyond shoreline cleanups

Michelle WattsSchools on Board – Bridging Arctic marine system research and science education in high schools through authentic and simulated science experiences

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