Feature Friday is a CaNOE networking program that features and shares the passion from an ocean-loving organization or individual who is doing amazing work in the realm of ocean education or marine conservation. We try to feature a diverse array of organizations or individuals across the country, and sometimes international organizations are featured as well! Check out some of our past featured organizations or follow our Instagram account @oceanlitcanada to get weekly updates on incredible ocean work!

Know any great ocean organizations? Or would you like to be featured? Send us a message and we’d love to feature your work!

Here’s a few examples of some of the past individuals or organizations we have featured in the past!

Feature Friday time! @lonelyspruce is a diver, photographer, sailor and marine educator, among many other talents! His beautiful underwater shots, like this Steller Sea Lion gliding by a wall packed with anemones and tube worms, usually come with a wicked fun fact or two, and are sure to inspire you to get yourself in the water asap!

Here’s what he has to say about this photo: A Steller Sea Lion glides by a steep wall absolutely covered with life. The pink anemones are Brooding Anemone, they’re perched on Giant Acorn Barnacles and Feather Duster Tube worms to get a bit higher into the currents giving them better access to passing food.

Have you heard of @backtothesea_ns ? They have a community aquarium to help spark inspiration for ocean conservation, and they also have a plethora of ocean education opportunities! For instance, check out their species spotlight about the Blood Star, here’s what Back to the Sea has to say about these cool echinoderms!:

– Despite their name, Blood Stars do not have any blood

– They feed on sponges, plankton and bacteria that they capture in mucus and sweep into their mouth

– They live in between rocks, cracks and crevices in the ocean

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Have you heard of @oceanic.global ? Their goal is to inspire and empower individuals, communities and industries to care deeply for our ocean and collective wellbeing. They often feature the connection between the ocean and mental health, like in their post about the benefits of being in the ocean! Here’s what they have to say:

“Being near water can better your mental health by making you happier and producing feelings of wonder, relaxation, renewal, and a greater sense of connection with oneself and nature.⁠”

Have you ever had a healing experience in the ocean or in freshwater?

#oceanandwellness #wellness #healing #sea #mentalhealth #ocean #relax

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