An Incredible Journey by NOAA’s Fisheries West Coast Region

A downloadable illustrated book, board game, and accompanying lessons to foster enthusiasm for fish and habitat. The book includes a section interviewing inspiring youth stewards who are taking action to protect salmon and salmon habitat.

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Bioaccumulation: A case study of British Columbia’s killer whales

Five related lessons where students learn about the natural history of British Columbia’s killer whale populations and the threats they face (English & French).

Ducks in the Flow

A storybook and classroom activities where students work collaboratively to explore and investigate surface currents found in the ocean and the Great Lakes.

Endeavour hydrothermal vents: Canada’s first marine protected areas

Grades 4 -11; class discussions, research, and activities to learn about deep sea biodiversity, Canada’s Endeavour Hydrothermal vent site and it’s designation as a Marine Protected Area (English & French).

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Junior SeaDoctors

Bring the ecosystem to your classroom with this Explore the Salish Sea curriculum.

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Learn From Home by Ocean School

Weekly lesson plans with Ocean School resources that can be accessed with no sign-in. Content is made for ages 11-15 but is adaptable for any age and consists of activities, videos, and virtual and augmented reality.

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Live It

Themed weeks with live streams with experts, online games, and at home challenges. Perfect for kids in grade 3 to 6. Sign up in advance to get a spot!

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Mission: Protect our Oceans by NSERC: Little Inventors

The United Nations is launching the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development in 2021. Canadian kids can think up and draw invention ideas to protect the oceans. Get involved now!

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Ocean Education

A collection of educator resources centred around human interaction with oceans.

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Online Ocean

New compilation of various Ocean Wise resources that can be completed from home consisting of crafts, activities, and live stream events!

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Pacific Salmon Foundation

Check out these resources developed by educational consultant Krystal Pyke as a part of the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project. Learn more about the Salish Sea and salmon!

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Ripley’s at Home

Watch a live shark feeding or do a fin-tastic ocean craft. Resources for: Pre-K, Elementary, and Middle school-aged kids.

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Salmon Run Field Day

Lesson plan for an interactive field trip focusing on intertidal zones and salmon habitat.

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Salmonids in the Classroom- Intermediate

This resource includes lessons (grade 4-7) on salmon migration and survival in the ocean and estuary, salmon fisheries and watershed studies (English & French).

School-Based Weather Station Network

Database of weather data from schools over Vancouver Island with associated activities and lesson plans.

Schools Toolkit #1

The aim of this toolkit is to engage learners in ocean education, deepen their awareness of and connection to the ocean, and to inspire action in the classroom community and beyond.

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Science First Peoples

A teacher resource guide to integrate non-appropriated traditional ecological knowledge into the curriculum.

Scientist in Residence Program

The Scientist in Residence Program’s mission is to inspire children with extraordinary science. This program is based on the partnerships that develop between teachers and scientists, and their sharing of knowledge and passion for both teaching and science.

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SeaChoice Sustainable Seafood

Teaching kit designed to help teachers educate their students about the value of the oceans and marine conservation issues, with a focus on the global fisheries crisis.

Shouting Whales

A comprehensive marine teaching resource that features the marine soundscape, life of marine mammals and more.

Storm Drain Marketing Plan

Student/community groups paint yellow fish on road next to storm drains to remind us that all drains lead to salmon habitat (stream to sea); outreach messages and materials included to reduce stormwater pollution.

Stream to Sea

Education Program that includes resources and curriculum for all grade levels to help students understand, respect and protect local watersheds, from stream to sea (also available in French).

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Stream to Sea by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Curriculum and programs to support Educators who wish to help students (k-12) learn more about the watery world, from Stream to Sea.

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Turn down the volume!: The impact of sound on harbour porpoises

Explore connectivity between the marine environment and humans by learning about the impact of sound on harbour porpoise and student empowerment to make a difference (English & French)

Virtual Sea School

Geared to kids in grades 2-4, journey through the Ocean Defender course with virtual lessons!

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Where the land meets the sea: the nearshore

Lesson plan (grade 4-11) about marine nearshores and some of their inhabitants (eelgrass and forage fish); English & French.

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Where the land meets the shore

Lesson plan (grade 4-11) about marine nearshores and some of their inhabitants (eelgrass and forage fish); English & French.

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