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Thanks to Sarah Leduc from Jeunesse Maritime du Saint-Laurent for the translations.

Ocean Education Wednesday was created in an effort to stimulate an interest in marine biology in the classroom. With the cancellation of ocean-themed activities, such as trips to the Bamfield Marine Science Centre or aquarium visits, students aren’t able to engage with ocean ecosystems in person. Ocean Education Wednesday hopes to provide a way to continue the life-long learning and experiences these sorts of trips have always provided. 

Every Wednesday a slide deck with 5 to 10 slides about ocean conservation, research, industry or the leaders in the ocean and aquatic realm will be posted. The goal is to spark discussion and inspiration in the classroom. The slides are available to download in a SMARTBoard program file, a Powerpoint presentation, a PDF version, or streamed directly from this site. Check out more info below about Ocean Education Wednesday!

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Download the slides in PDF, Powerpoint, or Notebook here!

Who is Ocean Education Wednesday for?

Ocean Education Wednesday fits perfectly within any Biology, Natural Science or General Science classroom at the junior or high school level and the material has been created not only to allow an informal connection to current curriculum outcomes but is written to stimulate a passion for the many different aspects of ocean literacy. The created content is meant to be image rich with quick hit information and relevant video links. It is designed to be a great classroom starter running from 5 to 15 minutes with possible extensions. This project’s aim is to open up content creation to students and other educators, create content for all grades and to offer content in French and indigenous languages. 

What topics are covered?

Topics are derived from past conversations, academic experiences and current ocean news and have been divided into: Ocean Science, Ocean Life Science, Ocean Explorers, Ocean Protection, Conservation and Stewardship, Ocean NGO’s, and Ocean Issues. The goal is to be wide ranging and topical in order to stimulate interest and conversation with students. 

The inspiration

Ocean Education Wednesday is an extension of classroom presentations by educator Warren Lake, a Biology and Natural Science Teacher at Robert Thirsk High School in Calgary, Alberta. He had his first marine biology experience at Bamfield in 1984 and has never forgotten its impact.  He has been running his own presentations in his classroom and at this point, the classes this year have found this a very positive experience and do not let me miss a Wednesday session!