CaNOE (Canadian Network for Ocean Education) aims to advance ocean literacy in Canada by working towards five main goals:

1. Promoting ocean literacy in Canada

CaNOE will help fill a void that results from Canada’s diverse geography, education systems, languages and cultures by connecting diverse interests including First Nations, Inuit and aboriginal organizations, educators, scientists, governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions, individuals and the private sector to further ocean literacy in Canada.

2. Stimulating dialogue and communication about ocean literacy

CaNOE provides a platform for learning, dialogue and communication between individuals (educators and scientists) and institutions (governmental and non-governmental organizations).

3. Celebrating and sharing current efforts in ocean literacy

Canadians are already doing great work in the area of ocean literacy. CaNOE will help showcase, promote and connect these efforts across Canada’s diverse geography, education systems, languages and cultures.

4. Connecting training opportunities and learning resources to educators

5. Helping Canada keep pace with international efforts in ocean literacy

The US has developed an Ocean Literacy Framework and Europe is in the process of adopting a similar framework as they develop a blue citizenry. It’s time for Canadians to get on board and help improve ocean literacy.

Be part of the ocean literacy movement—join CaNOE.

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