In collaboration with the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition  (COLC) and Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), CaNOE is proud to have been a key player in the  creation of the Oceans Week Canada Schools Toolkit!

This toolkit was developed for teachers and students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 education communities, coastal and inland, across Canada. The aim of this toolkit is to engage learners in ocean education, deepen their awareness of and connection to the ocean, and to inspire action in the classroom community and beyond. It is designed to meet curricular outcomes for numeracy and literacy, sciences and social studies, health and more. This toolkit also incorporates Indigenous and place-based knowledge and provides hands-on learning opportunities for students. It is accessible to both the ocean-enthusiast and to the educator who is taking their first dip, these ready-to-go learning activities and pedagogical strategies will engage students and inspire action in their everyday lives.

To make the most of this toolkit, we suggest that the curated resources are used for cyclical learning, rather than for linear learning.

The activities in this toolkit are organized under five central themes, including: Exploring Relationships, Ocean is Life, Technology, Sustainability, and Ecosystems.