By Anne Stewart from her blog A Stewart in Bamfield

This Wordle was created from the answers to the title question. The overwhelming answer was that the Ocean means life.

Eighty four people of all ages stopped to give their answer at the CaNOE booth at  World Oceans Day in Sidney, BC, Canada. CaNOE is the Canadian Network for Ocean Education.

Lost in the wordle creation were a few quotes that I would like to share here.

From an elderly woman:

The Ocean gives you the rhythm of life.

From a  girl:

The Ocean is something very special. We have more ocean than land. I like the sea creatures, they are my favourite animals and whales are my favorite sea creatures. If I could work at the Shaw Discovery Centre, I would be really pleased to be working with the sea creatures.

Ninety-four-year-old woman:

It is peaceful. If you are stressed out, come and look at it. Keep it clean.

Young man:

The Ocean is like a natural air conditioner: in the winter it is warm and in the summer – cool.

Man quoting Charles Wesley:

Depth of wisdom, where I can get lost in wonder, love and awe.


A mysterious, wondrous kind of place.


The source of life.


It is dark and unknown.

Young man:

It is a big, vast expanse of water to explore.

Young woman:

One of my favourite things.

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