2016 Conference

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CaNOE Conference 2016 | June 7–12

Dalhousie University | Halifax, Nova Scotia

*** Last day to register: June 1st ***


We are thrilled to announce registration is open for CaNOE’s 2nd Annual Ocean Literacy Conference & AGM! From June 7 to 12 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we invite educators, scientists, communicators, artists, and industry to join the growing network of individuals working to advance ocean literacy in Canada!

As a part of Halifax’s popular ‘Oceans Week’, author and marine educator Dr. Elin Kelsey will give a free public keynote on ‘Ocean Optimism’, this year’s conference theme. We hope to see the theme threaded throughout this year’s presentations, posters, discussions, and workshops. And make sure to check out the many exciting field trips which highlight Nova Scotia’s ocean connections in food, research, tourism, and more.
Advancing ocean literacy is a priority for Canadians. This annual conference serves as an integral step in that mission; connecting the stakeholders in a meaningful way and fostering important conversation around this topic.


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This year’s conference is 2.5 days long, excluding field trips. The evening of June 9th, and all day June 10th and 11th will be hosted in the Rowe Building at Dalhousie University.

Click here to view the 2016 Conference Schedule.

Please note that this schedule is subject to change before the conference dates. For updates, make sure to follow CaNOE on Twitter and Facebook.



Keynote Speaker: Dr. Elin Kelsey

The wild success of Ocean Optimism and the wonderfully contagious nature of hope  

Dr. Kelsey is a leading spokesperson for hope and the environment. In 2014, she co-founded a social media campaign devoted to sharing ocean conservation successes. The #OceanOptimism movement reached 50 million users in its first year. Elin has a track record of inspiring change. She wrote the scientific brief for Pew Global Oceans that led former President George W. Bush to dedicate one of the world’s largest marine reserves, the Mariana Trench National Monument. She has led public participation initiatives in marine reserves in Britain, Australia, Canada, the U.K., and the U.S.A, and recently worked with a coalition of more than 40 aquariums and visitor centers across the U.S.A on a multi-year empowerment evaluation of how to better communicate about climate change and its effect on the oceans.

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Elin is the author of You Are Stardust, Not Your Typical Book About the Environment and other award-winning books for children and adults. Elin holds a Ph.D. in Science Communication and International Environmental Policy through King’s College London.

Currently, she is a Principal Research Fellow at James Cook University in Australia, and also holds an adjunct faculty position with the School of Sustainability at Royal Roads University in Canada where she has been teaching courses in environmental communication and environmental education at the graduate level for ten years.



Presentations, Posters, and Workshops

Presentation Sessions

Presentations will run concurrently two sessions. Presenters will be given 15 minutes to present. After all 4 presenters in a session have presented, they will form a panel for a 20 to 30 minute discussion and Q&A.

Session 1

Sub-theme A: “Making waves: Learning about the ocean through art”

Expressing ocean literacy through music, literature, or film

Learning about the ocean through creative expression creates memorable learning experiences that can build ocean literacy in everyone, even those who live far from salty shores. Showcase your creative project that promotes ocean literacy through the arts on a local or global scale.

Sub-theme B: “Science success stories: Creating positive change through ocean research”

Changing the world for the better with ocean science

Small discoveries in ocean research can lead to big changes in society and government policy. Present your research and show us how your project is increasing our knowledge of the oceans and shaping the world around us.  

Session 2

Sub-theme A: “What’s in your fridge? Educating consumers about sustainable seafood”

Exploring sustainable seafood and the role of the consumer

Seafood consumers face a sea of choice in the supermarket, but even mindful consumers have difficulty keeping up with the labels and best choices. Share your project’s successes and failures in bringing ocean literacy to the dinner table.

Sub-theme B: “Working together: Empowering communities through ocean education”

Creating resilient coastal communities through knowledge transfer and gathering

Coastal communities rely on the ocean for sustenance, employment, transportation, and cultural identity, and with changing seas, the most resilient communities will be those that benefit from ocean education. Share your community programs, education outreach or research projects that encourage ocean literacy and stewardship in coastal communities.

Poster Sessions

Posters will showcase how presenters’ research, education programs, or personal efforts have advanced ocean literacy in Canada. Poster presenters will each give a 1-minute, 1-slide presentation of their poster following the keynote speaker on June 9th.
Posters will be available for viewing in the lobby throughout the conference.


Workshops are an opportunity for conference participants to engage in hands-on, interactive learning. We are looking for a wide variety of workshop topics around Ocean Literacy and Ocean Optimism.
Each workshop will be 1.5 hours and should include some form of hands-on or interactive learning. Some examples of workshops could be: Ocean Science activities for K-12, Building Ocean Robotics, or Grant Writing for Ocean Non-Profits. Be creative and pitch us your idea!

Field Trips

CaNOE is offering several exciting field trips which showcase Nova Scotia’s ocean connections in food, tourism, research, industry, and conservation.

Click here to view CaNOE Conference 2016 – Field Trip Info

Field trip registration can be done on our Eventbrite page.


Annual General Meeting (AGM), June 11

An important part of this conference is CaNOE’s Annual General Meeting. Here we will review the goals, vision, and direction of CaNOE with the Board of Directors and General Members. We will also be voting in new Directors to the Board for the 2016-2017 year. This is your chance to lend your talents, voice your opinions, and help CaNOE grow as an organization.

If you are interested in running for the CaNOE Board of directors, send an email to info@oceanliteracy.ca.

Click here to see the 2016-2017 nomination information.

Nominations close May 23, 2016.


Accommodations & Parking

Accommodations are available at Dalhousie University and can be booked here at stay.dal.ca.

There are also hostels, hotels, motels, B&Bs, and private rentals are all within a 30minute walk from the conference venue.


Parking is available at Dalhousie University as well as public parking on the side streets surrounding the venue. Weekday parking at meters runs from 8am-6pm and is meter parking is free Saturdays and Sundays.



Important Dates

March 1, 2016     Registration & Call for Submissions is OPEN!

March 31, 2016      Earlybird Registration Closes

April 15, 2016      Submissions for Presentations, Posters, and Workshops Close

April 30, 2016     Notification to applicants


June 7, 2016        Last option for refund Conference Registration



Eventbrite - Ocean Literacy Conference 2016



This year’s conference is co-chaired by 3 of CaNOE’s Directors: Haley Guest, Sonya Lee, and Andrea Moore.

Please send any inquiries to CanoeConference2016@gmail.com, or tweet to us @OceanLitCanada.

Thank You & Sponsors

Many thanks to our our host, Dalhousie University, and the Dean of Science’s Office for their support of this conference!

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Special thanks to Kat Middleton (@katmidds) for this year’s fantastic conference logo. Kat’s work can be seen on her website, katmidds.tumblr.com.